Pastor Jack called Journey Church to a season of fasting and prayer starting Sunday November 20th through December 31st. We believe the Lord is calling the whole body of Journey Church to come together in this endeavor by signing up for periods of fasting and prayer.

Fasting is denying myself specific comforts of life that I seem to depend on in my daily life and focusing on God, prayer, and his word during the duration of my fast.

Fasting can look different from one person to the next. Some may choose a traditional fast of all food for a period of time. Others may choose a media fast and remove ANY and ALL media including social media, tv, etc. Others may choose lunch, or dinner each day for a week or a single day EVERY week throughout the duration of the fast. Bottom line, this fast is between you and the Lord to decide WHAT to fast but we believe that God is calling ALL OF US to this fast for this season.

Pastor Jack has felt the Holy Spirit lay upon his heart that the body of Journey Church is at a cross-roads in our church. We have followed the Lords leading to launch this Church in Vancouver in 2022 to build this church, take the greater Portland/Vancouver area for Jesus, see families restored, people won for Jesus, and change this dark region into a beacon of light for the lost and point people to Jesus. Our mission at Journey Church is to "Be the bridge between lost people and Jesus" and we are poised and ready to do just that. HOWEVER, the church is being fought harder than ever. The enemy has come against this church like never before. Families are hurting, people are lost and dying, and we believe time is running out. So God has called the body to take the remaining time left in 2022 and turn our focus, our attention, and our hearts to heaven and hear from the Lord.

There are a couple specific areas were asking you to pray for during this time of fasting.
1. Salvation - we're asking God to bring in the multitudes to find Jesus, be restored, and find the hope of heaven.
2. Healing - There are a lot of people within our church community in need of physical, mention, emotional healing and we are asking the Lord to provide healing during this time.
3. Increase our faith - We believe when we enter into a time of prayer and fasting and focus on God, his word, and his desires for us, our faith increases and we enable the opportunity to move mountains.
4. Financial provision for Journey Church - Since launching Journey, our church income has declined dramatically while our expenses have increased due to leasing our new location in Vancouver. We're doing everything within our power to cut expenses and be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. We are trusting the lord and believing him for increase. Not just to get back where we were but to increase beyond our imagination so our ministry can reach farther.


If you have any questions regarding this fast, please feel free to email us at

God bless